How to check whether your angle grinder is affected:

1. Check whether you have one of the affected models:

The following models may be affected: Series GWS 20, GWS 22, GWS 24, PWS 20, PWS 1900 and PWS 2000 devices manufactured in Russia. You can see on the device itself which model you have (you can see where exactly in the following picture).

If you have one of the models listed, your device could be affected. Please continue with step 2 to check this. If your device does not belong to any of these models, your device is not affected.

2. Check whether your device is affected:

Please enter the device number and serial number of your angle grinder into the following verification form. Please note that both fields must be filled in. Please note that both fields must be filled in.


Your angle grinder is affected. With immediate effect, you may no longer use it or provide it to others. To repair the device, please contact us on !!!!!LINK.

Your angle grinder is NOT affected.

You can continue to use it as normal.